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A few words About Me

ABOUT Mariana

Research Interest

Mathematical Music Theory. This research involves several mathematical areas used in scientific Musicology, such as Category Theory, Abstract Algebra, Algebraic Combinatorics on Words. It is cross disciplinary not only with Music, but with areas such as Computer Science and Cognitive Science.

Teaching Interest

Bridge to higher Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Multivariate Calculus, Topology.

Past Ph.D. students

Rodrigo Castro López Vaal:A Category-Theoretic Compositional Framework of Perceptron-Based Neural Networks plus an Architecture for Modeling Sequences Conditioned to Time-Structured Context: An Implementation of a Generative Model of Jazz Solo Improvisations https://scholarworks.gsu.edu/math_diss/67/

Jeremy Kastine:Maximally Even Tilings: Theory and Algorithms https://scholarworks.gsu.edu/math_diss/63/

Masters thesis     director
ThesisDefense:   Fall 2008Transformation Groups and Duality in the Analysis of Musical Structureby Janine du Plessis, Mathematics and StatisticsDepartment, GeorgiaState University.

Undergraduate thesis advisor, Munawar Khan, Sukkur IBA University, Pakistan. 2021-2023Construction and Implementation of Denotators in Rubato Composer

Current Ph.D. students

Joonwon Seo

Benjamin Liske

Justyna Sokolik

Juliana Spector (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)